Webinar on Coping with Pornography – Wed Dec 8th 9pm EST – Shaykh Faraz Rabbani and Zeyad Ramadan

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“Dear Shaykh,I’m Struggling With Pornography…”

With Sh Faraz Rabbani & Zeyad Ramadan


Many Muslims, both male and female, single AND married are struggling with pornography addiction. While caught up in this vicious cycle, they are often sincerely looking for help on none other than Islamic fatwa websites.

Unfortunately, fatwa websites aren’t equipped to help individuals with addictions, something more is needed…

Join Sh Faraz Rabbani with Director of PurifyYourGaze Zeyad Ramadan on December 8th where they will both share the Islamic path to addiction recovery– and what to do about it exactly!

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What is the psychology behind this addiction leading Muslims, even those that pray five times a day, to relapse continuously and get trapped in their addiction
  • Why many fatwa websites are unfortunately giving the wrong advice about overcoming pornography addiction – even though they mean well.
  • Proper understanding of the most common cited hadith about dealing with lusts, and why this same naseeha could be causing you to stay stuck in the addicted cycle.
  • A powerful way to nourish your iman to help you overcome your struggle, and earn Jannah though that process, in sha Allah
  • And MUCH  much more in sha Allah…

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