A man striving to get from “Allah who?” to “Allah Hu!”

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  1. Marci

    May 31, 2011

    Assalam alaykum – I saw your post about the DC youth and wasn’t sure of another way to reach you. Do you have a way of donating? Also, I highly suggest sending out your note to the ADAMS listserv. Are you on it? I think IA you would get a lot of responses. This is an excellent initiative masha’Allah. Has there been any thought in the future of organizing classes with SeekersGuidance? e.g. there used to be a special rate with seekersguidance and sunnipath for groups. Maybe there could be a way to regularly utilize a space and have people donate so that some Seekersguidance classes could be accessible to inner city youth on a regular basis. They could gather on a weekly basis to listen to the downloadable session together and attend the live session to answer questions. I’m happy to talk more about the idea. I think your concern is right on the mark masha’Allah and it would be great to brainstorm some additional ways to make Islam more accessible regardless of class.


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