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The Virtue of Reading Books (at-Tahawi Blog)

December 14, 2010 by


The Virtue of Reading Books   By Imam Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr in his Jami’ Bayan al-’Ilm wa Fadlihi In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful 2414: Abu ‘Abdullah Muhammad bin Isma’il al-Bukhari was asked: “What is it that strengthens one’s memory?” He replied: “Constantly looking through books.” 2415: Ahmad bin Abi ‘Imran […]

Steps to Success on the Way to the Light of Knowledge (Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences)

October 21, 2010 by


Steps to Success on the Way to the Light of Knowledge When Imām al-Shāfiʿī complained to his teacher Wakīʿ of his difficulty in retaining knowledge, he was given profound advice that would become famous lines continuously echoed centuries later: “Abandon sin.  For knowledge is a light.  And the light of God is not granted to […]

A Meeting with a Great Scholar of This Age – Ustadh Anik Abdullah Misra (SeekersGuidance)

September 29, 2010 by


A Meeting with a Great Scholar of This Age By Ustadh Anik Abdullah Misra Last night, six members of the Seekers Guidance team who reside in Amman, Jordan had the opportunity to meet Shaykh Mufti Taqi ‘Uthmani. Considered by many people of knowledge to be one of the foremost scholars of our age, and […]

SeekersGuidance: Fulfilling A Vital Role in Our Community Through Unique Learning Opportunities

September 23, 2010 by


Unique Learning Opportunities In a previous post (“Shaykh Hamza Yusuf has started blogging“), I highlighted how modernity has reversed how Islamic learning takes places and how we can use this reversal to our advantage: “We live in strange times. In the days of old, students would travel great distances to sit at the feet of […]

On the Proprieties of the Student and the Teacher – Imam al-Ghazzali

July 5, 2010 by


On the Proprieties of the Student and the Teacher. By Imam al-Ghazzali The formal proprieties and duties of the student are many but may be classified under ten headings:The first duty of the student is to purify his soul from impure traits and blameworthy characteristics because knowledge is the worship of man’s heart as well […]

Sincerity & The People of Knowledge – Imam al-Ghazzali

June 5, 2010 by


Sincerity & the People of Knowledge By Imam al-Ghazzali “The Messenger (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) said “No one’s punishment at the Resurrection will be greater than that of the learned scholar who did not act according to his knowledge.” Abu Darda, may God be pleased with him, says: “Woe unto him who does not know, […]

Imam al-Haddad – On Dawah

May 9, 2010 by


“The scholars of the present time must not keep their knowledge to themselves and wait for someone to come along and ask, for most people today are complacent about religion, uninterested in knowledge and in anything else that will benefit them in the hereafter, to the extent that a man’s beard may grow white and […]