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Can Liberalism Tolerate Islam? – Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

May 10, 2011 by


Can Liberalism Tolerate Islam? By Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad Must one be liberal to belong to the West? For all the polite multiculturalist denials, this question is being put to us more and more insistently. The European Union, as it struggles to articulate a common cultural as well as economic vision, regularly toys with grand […]

Language 101 for Mona Eltahawy (On the Burqa Ban Debate in France) By Imam Afroz Ali

April 13, 2011 by


The recent burqa ban in France has stirred quite a bit of heavy debate in the mainstream media. One of the more interesting debates was between MuslimMatters Blogger Hebah Ahmed and journalist Mona Eltahawy. Eltahawy supports the burqa ban on the grounds that its a representation of right wing Islamic ideology. To put it lightly, […]

Blame Consumer Capitalism, Not Multiculturalism By Madeleine Bunting (The Guardian)

February 11, 2011 by


Great article by Madeleine Bunting on the rising rejection of multiculturalism in Europe justified, in part, by the notion that Islam is anti-thetical to Western values and identity. The following excerpt is particularly poignant: “Behind Cameron’s speech – and those of Blair and Brown – is a nostalgia for a strong national collective identity, and […]

Are Anti-Immigration Fears a Reaction to the Rise of the Hispanic Voter? (The Atlantic)

December 24, 2010 by


Anti-immigration sentiment often seems almost cyclical and common to many different nations. The politics of identity are a powerful way to mobilize people, but without proper restraint, they can lead to horrible atrocities. The anti-immigration movement seems to be oriented specifically towards Latinos. Are these fears motivated by a true concern of drugs, smuggling, etc […]

Israel and the Jews, Two Separate Entities to Europe’s Radical Right (Haaretz)

December 22, 2010 by


Israel and the Jews, two separate entities to Europe’s radical right The continent’s radical populist right has adopted its forerunners’ views on minorities, while Israel is a courageous vanguard in ‘the war against Islam.’ By Anna Ekstrom There is today a movement in Europe, identified by political scientist Cas Mudde as the populist radical right, which […]

German PM Merkel Should Read Some Goethe Before Criticizing Muslims

October 19, 2010 by


Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism Has Failed in Germany (The Guardian) “German PM Merkel wants the German Muslim immigrants to read up on Goethe to learn German culture. This is what Goethe had to say about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “He is a prophet and not a poet and therefore his Koran is to be seen as […]