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Shaykh Hamza Yusuf: Islam is Not an Ideology (Sandala Productions)

April 1, 2011 by


The Sin Tax of Ignoring Syntax By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf “If a profligate comes to you with news, make sure you understand it (tabayyanu) and make sure you know it indeed happened (tathabbatu), or else you will attack people out of ignorance and end up in great remorse” (Qur’an 49:6).1 How many fault-finders of statements […]

SeekersGuidance – Collection of Duas for the Oppressed – Blog

February 26, 2011 by


Collection of Duas for the Oppressed The following are duas that have been compiled and recommended to recite in moments of peril and great oppression amongst the Muslim masses. Please utilize, spread for the sake of God and continue to pray for our brothers and sister. May Allah grant our brothers and sisters protection and […]

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf: “When the Social Contract is Breached on One Side, It’s Breached on Both Sides”

February 10, 2011 by


An amazing post by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on the situation in Egypt via the Sandala blog. This one needs to be distributed far and wide. When the Social Contract is Breached on One Side, It’s Breached on Both Sides By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one […]

Egypt & Iran: A Comparison of Two Mass Movements – Ali Ahmadi Motlagh (

February 7, 2011 by


Egypt & Iran: A Comparison of Two Mass Movements By Ali Ahmadi Motlagh* The popular uprisings sweeping across Tunisia and Egypt have predictably led to a media frenzy, with numerous observers and commentators attempting to assess not only the immediate future of these nations, but also the long term impact of the upheavals on […]

Shocking Pictures and Video from Revolution in Egypt – We Are All Egyptian

February 4, 2011 by


The following video was made by “We Are All Egyptian” and captures shocking pictures and video footage from anti-democratic forces in Egypt. Is this where our government’s $3 billion in military aid is going? I hope not.

Noam Chomsky on the Revolutions in the Middle East

February 4, 2011 by


‘The Arab World Is on Fire’ By Noam Chomsky “The Arab world is on fire,” al-Jazeera reported on January 27, while throughout the region, Western allies “are quickly losing their influence.” The shock wave was set in motion by the dramatic uprising in Tunisia that drove out a Western-backed dictator, with reverberations especially in Egypt, […]

Imam Zaid Shakir on the Revolutions in the Middle East

February 1, 2011 by


Game Over…We Win? By Imam Zaid Shakir The current uprising in Egypt, coming in the aftermath of the popular revolution in Tunisia, is a monumental event that is altering all of the political calculations currently governing how we think about Middle Eastern politics. The emerging popular movements in the region have led to a swift […]

The Next Tunisias: Five Arab states That Are Ripe for Revolution (Foreign Policy)

January 20, 2011 by


Interesting post on Arab states that might experience revolution. Of the five listed, I think Egypt is definitely going to be facing some major instability. Some related reading would be Jack Goldstone’s work in the theory of revolution which relies on a Malthusian framework. The Next Tunisias Five Arab states that are ripe for revolution. […]

What to Do about Anti-Christian Violence in the Middle East (The Hudson Institute)

January 10, 2011 by


Anti-Christian violence (or any type of violence against religious minorities) is completely antithetical to the teachings of Islam and must be wholeheartedly condemned by Muslim scholars, leaders, and intellectuals. What to Do about Anti-Christian Violence in the Middle East NRO Corner blog January 3, 2011 by Nina Shea   Islamists exploded a bomb that killed 21 Coptic […]