SeekersGuidance Launches Second Retreat! “Firm Foundations” – June 12-17 – SoCal

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Having attended the last year’s SeekersGuidance retreat that was organized in conjunction with the amazing brothers and sisters of the Knoxville community, I can personally testify to the blessings of attending this retreat. Many of us get caught up in the daily grind of work, family obligations, and activism and sometimes we lose sight of the “Big Picture.” We yearn to reconnect our hearts with Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) and return to our spiritual roots. The SeekersGuidance summer retreats are an amazing opportunity to sit at the feet of erudite scholars and spiritual luminaries in a setting far removed from worldly distractions. If you’re in California, consider attending this wonderful program.

Firm Foundations Retreat

A 5-day intensive by SeekersGuidance

SeekersGuidance - Design by Su Pittam
SeekersGuidance will be hosting an educational retreat in the San Jacinto Mountains east of Los Angeles. The retreat is a week long program designed for participants interested in learning the individual obligations (Fard’ayn) required of all Muslims. This intensive-style retreat will provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to the three branches of our religion; belief (Iman), practice (Islam), and excellence (Ihsan) as well as a vibrant environment for connecting with teachers and fellow students.

This program is geared for newcomers to the Islamic Sciences as well as for those who are interested in reviewing and expanding on what they have already learned. Our teachers and staff are committed to serving and facilitating learning for students of all levels. Please note that teachers and students will be keeping a rigorous schedule of lessons, dhikr and reviews during the retreat so all students will be expected to attend all lessons and fully participate as spaces are limited and we want to ensure that we have a fully committed student body for the retreat.

Program Objectives:

  • Students will gain a comprehensive overview of individual obligations
  • Learning will have an emphasis on the pragmatic implications of knowledge
  • Students will have an opportunity to build a positive network of fellow students and teachers

Subjects Covered:

  • Belief (‘aqida)
  • Actions (fiqh)
  • Spirituality (tasawwuf)
  • Surah Al-Fatiha (first chapter of the Quran)

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Coker Creek Retreat (TN)

For those of you on the East Coast and South, consider attending the “Journey to Allah” retreat ( in Coker Creek Tennessee from June 3rd to 8th. Some of us from the Washington DC Metropolitan area may end up renting a van and driving down. If you’re interested in coming with us, let me know.

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