“Political Change With Pen and Paper” – Omar Ahmad (May Allah have mercy on him)

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Last night I went to Busboys and Poets to attend a private memorial in honor of Omar Ahmad who passed away last week. It was moving to see how many lives he had affected in such a deep manner. I met Omar during a gathering at ISNA over lunch and was struck by his humility and astuteness. Little did I know he would go on to become the Mayor of San Carlos, California.

The following video is Omar Ahmad’s TED Talk on how to influence politicians. I post it so people can capture a glimpse of a great man.


In Loving Memory of Omar Ahmad

Omar Ahmad: Muslim, American, Cowboy Boot Aficionado (1965–2011) By Hussein Rashid and Wajahat Ali

Serving the public while riding a Segway By Shahed Amanullah

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