Questions on the Marital Process – Please Provide Feedback

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I often get asked by mutual friends if they could help find a spouse for someone. For a long time, I’ve avoided being a matchmaker because it seems to be a very time consuming and rather harrowing process. However, given the great need within our community, I’ve recently started to exploring setting up a free matrimonial service but can’t figure out how to structure it.

The following questions come to mind and I’d appreciate your feedback:

  • How do we create an effective matrimonial process?
  • Whats the best way to help people find good matches in a way that is free, secure, and successful?
  • Is it online or offline?
  • Is it through biodatas or personal meetings?
  • Should couples meet first or go through their families?
  • Do matchmakers help the most likely to have a successful match or help out the people having the most difficulty in finding a match?
  • Is the setting for meetings the Masjid or a restaurant?
  • Any additional advice for matchmakers?
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