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The Habib Umar USA Tour Has Officially Launched!

Habib Umar’s “TRANQUILITY AMIDST TURBULENCE TOUR” has officially launched in the US with his first visit to Atlanta, GA.  It coincides with a time of notable turbulence: the uprisings throughout the Middle East, the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand, and the recent Congressional Hearings in the United States being a few salient examples. The prophetic legacy of guidance, however, offers a source of solace amidst these trying times and feeds the natural human desire to experience a life of meaning and tranquility. Habib Umar, a living link to this tradition, is touring in the United States offering a message that encapsulates the prophetic way of healing.

Tour Dates and Locations

Atlanta, GA March 21 – 23
Detroit, MI March 24 – 25
Chicago, IL March 26 – 27
Washington DC March 28 – 30
New York, NY March 31 – April 1
San Diego, CA April 3
Los Angeles, CA April 4
San Francisco, CA April 5 – 9 

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Who Is Habib Umar?

Habib Umar bin Hafiz is the Dean of Dar Al Mustafa, a seminary in Tarim, Yemen which is regarded as one of the foremost contemporary centres of Islamic education in the world. Habib Umar bin Hafiz is well known for his Prophetic lineage and status as one of the most important scholars alive today.

His scholarship and preaching is highly regarded by Muslim communities from Indonesia to East Africa to Muslim communities in Europe and North America. Habib Umar was ranked 33rd in this year’s list of the 500 Most Influential Muslims published by an international group of experts lead by Dr John Esposito under the auspices of the Royal Institute for Strategic Studies in Amman, Jordan.

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