Habib Umar USA Tour Launches Today – 5 Ways You Can Help

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Habib Umar USA Tour Launches Today!

Five Ways You Can Help

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1. Join the Fan Page and Invite 20 of Your Friends:


2. Make the National Tour Flyer Your Facebook Profile Picture and Tag Your Friends:


3. Update your status with the following message:

“Allah (swt) has blessed us with a momentous visit by the erudite scholar and sage Habib Umar of Tarim. The Habib Umar bin Hafidh Tour launches in the US on Monday March 21 in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit www.habibumar.org for the full tour schedule and the latest updates”.

4. Sign up for the latest announcements and alerts via the Habib Umar Tour Listserve:


5. Share this post with your friends and family via facebook, twitter, e-mail, digg, or post it on your blog:


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