New Nonprofit Launches to Bring Emergency Services to Developing Countries

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Superb new organization provides a valuable service to those in distress.

New Nonprofit Launches to Bring Emergency Services to Developing Countries

The Red Truck Foundation uses motorcycle ambulances to save lives in otherwiseinaccessible areas of the world.

Tayech Ermias tells the story of a woman near her home who died in labor after many long, painful hours of trying to get to a hospital. Tayech’s own story ends differently though. Her story starts with a motorcycle ambulance that responded to her home within20 minutes of her going into labor, and ends with her giving birth to a healthy baby boy at a local health center. Sometimes that’s all it takes to save lives in the developing world– a motorcycle and a first responder.
The Red Truck Foundation is a new, collaborative effort bringing together young professionals in medicine, law, engineering, architecture, development, and fire/rescueto bring sustainable emergency services to the developing world. No one suffering froma medical emergency should go without help – RTF believes that everyone deserves basic, on scene care and transportation to a health facility, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. By using specially designed motorcycle ambulances, adapted for challenging environments, RTF works to bring emergency services for the first time to otherwise inaccessible areas where a car ambulance would be too costly to sustain. Withthese motorcycle ambulances, RTF engages local populations, encourages participation,and networks with health facilities and professionals to save lives.

Learn more about the Red Truck Foundation’s efforts by visiting their recently launched website, The Red Truck Foundation is also calling for alldesigners and artists to submit an entry into its Logo Design Contest for a cash prize, andinvites the public to vote for their favorite entries. Visit the website for details – your design could be the first response!

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