Booths to Visit at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference Bazaar (2010)

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Booths to Visit at the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference Bazaar (2010)

For those of you coming to the Reviving the Islamic Spirit Conference this year and are planning to hit up the bazaar, I recommend visiting the following booths:

SeekersGuidance, Booth 1114

What is SeekersGuidance?

SeekersGuidance is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to serving people in providing sound Islamic knowledge. Through their accomplished and reliable scholars, SeekersGuidance offers online courses, live programs, sound answers to your religious questions, and an award winning blog. Scholars include Sh. Faraz Rabbani, Sh. Yahya Rhodus and Ustadha Zaynab Ansari, plus many others.

Why Visit the Booth?

Find out more about how their services can benefit you, and take the chance to meet the scholars and team in person. Consider picking up a book next door at Firdous books and getting it signed by a scholar! Their Winter semester is now open, so let the SeekersGuidance team talk you through the courses on offer and how they work.

What is Azaan?

Azaan was founded by Br. Peter Gould, an Australian designer and digital artist. Having has the pleasure of working with Peter before, I highly recommend his services

Why Visit the Booth?

The Azaan team will be showcasing their all new clothing range, for both men and women. Peter is a talented and well-known designer, so although we haven’t yet seen a sneak preview, his clothing designs are sure to be special. See if you can spot some trendy RIS goers wearing the new designs and then check them out for yourself.

Sister has Style, Booth 1108

What is Sister has Style?

Sister has Style launched their first line of clothing for women at last year’s RIS. The designers (Michelle and May) aim to make well designed, high quality clothing accessible for everyone, and they believe that dressing modestly shouldn’t mean having to compromise on a woman’s individual sense of style.

Why Visit the Booth?

Sister has Style will have their latest range of chic clothing for Muslim women, on offer. This year, they will also have some exclusive samples for sale at a discounted price, for those sisters who prefer an even more individual, edgy look. If you’re looking to have a piece custom made, ask them about the custom service that they offer in Toronto. They’ll also have a range of prayer beads in unique colours and materials worth checking out for yourself or as nice gifts for friends and family.

Firdous Books, Booth 1015

What is Firdous Books?

Firdous books offers one of the best selection of books containing traditionalIslamic knowledge

Why Visit the Booth?

Browse the books and buy some! They’ll be next door to SeekersGuidance, so you can always pick up one of Sh. Faraz’s books and get it signed by him. Firdous books offers great customer service, and the staff are knowledgeable about the texts and can help you find the most suitable ones for you.

Zenhom, Booth 807

What is Zenhom?

Zenhom specializes in high-quality clothing and accessories for men. Each garment they make is hand tailored from start to finish with precision and detail, giving it an extra special look.

Why Visit the Booth?

Zenhom will be launching their first ever collection of men’s tailored Islamic clothing, at RIS. They’ll also have some free gifts on offer for those visiting their booth, so be sure to check it out for yourself.

Does anyone have any other recommendations?

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