Peter Gould – World Renown Graphic Designer and Artist from Australia (Mustafa Davis)

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Check out the following video made by Sidi Mustafa Davis about world renown graphic designer Peter Gould. Peter is an amazing artist and I’ve had the honor of working with him for several projects (SeekersGuidance, CelebrateMercy, and the M100 Foundation‘s 30/30 Campaign). Peter is also the founder of the Creativity and Spiritual Path conference which has been held in Sydney (Australia), San Francisco (USA), and Toronto (Canada).

“Peter did the design concepts and branding for the website. He has worked with Sami Yusuf, Yusuf Islam, Zaytuna College, Ta’Leef Collective, RIS, ISNA and many other organizations and individuals. This video shows some samples of his style and work.”

Peter’s Graphic Design firm:

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