Latest Sameer’s Eats Episode Features Imam Suhaib Webb – Shout Out to RJ Cafe (And Yours Truly)!

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Check out the latest episode of Sameer’s Eats where Sameer Sarmast visits Imam Suhaib Webb in the Bay Area. During their informal discussion about the halal restaurant scene, they bring up RJ Cafe. RJ’s is one of the best halal joints in North America and is known for their unique servings of Fried Chicken Steak, Ribs, Steak, and a variety of sandwiches and subs. (Sameer and Imam Suhaib give me a shout out at the 4:50 mark!)

Sameer’s Eats has a complete episode on RJs which you can view below. As I helped set up the episode, Sameer gave me a few seconds at the end to talk about SeekersGuidance. (We met through a SeekersGuidance webinar of all places.)

While the episodes are great, I wish featured Sameer’s videos so people can get a more holistic analysis of halal restaurants which is necessary given that some “halal” restaurants serve alcohol or aren’t really  At some point, we’re going to need some sort of system for verifying whether restaurants are actually halal or not. Kosher certification is a natural model for this sort of thing. Inshallah, these videos are a first good step in creating more transparency in the halal restaurant industry.

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