Critique of al-Faruqi’s “Islamization of Knowledge” Scheme – Ziauddin Sardar (Desperately Seeking Paradise)

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A succinct critique by Ziauddin Sardar of Ismail al-Faruqi’s “Islamization of Knowledge” scheme (not to be confused with Sayyid Naquib al Attas’ Islamization of knowledge scheme which is predicated on first critiquing secularism itself)

“Civilizations are like vehicles. They need appropriate wheels – their own disciplines – to move forward. Islamizing disciplines already infused with a materialistic metaphysics and western, secularist ethics is tantamount to a cosmetic epistemological face-lift and nothing more. At best, it would perpetuate the dichotomy of secular and Islamic knowledge that you are so keen to transcend.'”

(p 201 of “Desperately Seeking Paradise” by Ziauddin Sardar)

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