Steps to Success on the Way to the Light of Knowledge (Nur Foundation for Sacred Sciences)

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Steps to Success on the Way to the Light of Knowledge

When Imām al-Shāfiʿī complained to his teacher Wakīʿ of his difficulty in retaining knowledge, he was given profound advice that would become famous lines continuously echoed centuries later: “Abandon sin.  For knowledge is a light.  And the light of God is not granted to the disobedient.”  Reflected in the wisdom of this luminary’s words, we find a common understanding possessed by the scholars of the Islamic tradition regarding the nature of learning.  Namely, that knowledge is a divine gift whose acquisition is facilitated through meeting both spiritual conditions related to the heart as well as practical conditions such as consistency in study.  In an Islamic tradition whose foundation was based on learning, there was generally not considered to be a dichotomy between secular and religious sciences.  All of useful knowledge was regarded as sacred and its pursuit, an act of worship.  Below is a summary of some of the practical steps which lead to success in the pursuit of knowledge based upon the wisdoms of our many great scholars, both past and present.

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