This World is Escapist – Chris Hedges

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This World is Escapist

By Chris Hedges

“The modern world, with its vast, soulless urban enclaves, is divorcing itself from the rhythms of nature and community. Our days are filled with mindless tasks, the drudgery of work and a gnawing loneliness. The mental pollution of sound bites, the dizzying and ceaseless chatter of television and computers, the constant assault of advertising seek to fill the void with a virtual, image-based illusion. This world is escapist. We are bombarded, thousands of times a day, with the emotional simplicity and terrible beauty of lies. And we believe them. We believe them because they make us feel, at least for a moment, better and empowered. We increasingly lack the intellectual and self-critical tools to disentangle this net of lies from truth.”

(p 177, “When Atheism Becomes Religion” by Chris Hedges)

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