“How Does Terrorism Affect Muslims?” asks MPAC Video

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Often times, our community is fixated on the military actions and transgressions of Western states while ignoring how violence that emanates from our community affects the community itself. Seldom do we ask “How does terrorism by Muslims affect Muslims?” MPAC has set out to do just that in its recently released public service announcement entitled “One Year Later: American Muslim Survivor of Islamabad Terror Attack Speaks Out.”

The video starts off with a stunning statistic: 85% of the victims of al-Qaeda’s terrorism are Muslims. It then cuts to Adam Motiwala, an American Muslim who survived a suicide bombing at the Islamabad headquarters of the United Nations Food Program which killed five U.N. staffers and injuring four others. For more information, visit MPAC’s website.

Here is the video:

On a related note, Yursil Kidwai, who blogs at Mind, Body, and Soul, recently posted a scathing critique of Time Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad’s on the Huffingon Post.

Yursil states:

“Shahzad’s words reek of a disconnection to the truly spiritual elite of Islam, and even the accomplished warriors of Islamic history. They are remembered not for their hypocrisy (a grievous sin in Islam) or their proud proclamations which they acted contrary to. They are remembered for their consistency in faith and practice, and results which delivered Muslims into a closer relationship with their Lord.”

The truth of the matter is that the Muslim community has to get its house in order. Injustice Cannot Defeat Injustice.

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