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by Imam al-Ghazzali

“I sent thee who are Muhammad to awaken a people from the sleep of heedlessness and say to all: Lo! man is in a state of loss!”
(Qur’an 103:2)

“Know that most people are veiled because of heedlessness; indeed, ninety-nine in a hundred are thus. The meaning of heedlessness is that they are not aware of the peril of the affair of the Hereafter. If they had knowledge of it, they would not sin; for a human being has been so created that when he sees danger, he avoids it, even if it necessitates considerable trouble and effort. however, this danger can be seen by the light of prophethood or by the proclamations of prophethood which reaches others; or by the proclamations of the religious scholars who are the heirs of the prophets. Why, there is no treatment for anyone who remains exhausted upon the way and falls asleep, save that the alertness of a compassionate person come to him and awaken him. This compassionate, wakeful person is the Messenger, and his representatives are the scholars of religion.”

(p 5-6 of “Al-Ghazzali On the Treatment of Ignorance Arising from Heedlessness, Error, and Delusion”)

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